The activities will take place in a natural environment, the mountain, it must be respected and that requires a careful environmental behavior.

The activities are subject to weather conditions, the number and characteristics of participants; that is why they can be modified or canceled if the guide considers it necessary.

The activities on the natural environment and the mountains may carry implicit some risk, contracting the services of a professional guide means to minimize this risk, but you must know that zero risk does not exist.

The activities are led by a qualified guide and develop within their professional skills. The guide is the one who directs the activity, having to accept their decisions during the activity.

The guide disclaims any responsibility to those who do not follow the guidelines or act negligently and if they are under the influence of any narcotic drug or medication during the development of the activity.

Participants have the obligation to inform before hiring activity, over possible states of pregnancy, physical disability, illness or use of any drug that can condition the development or safety of the activity.

The activities undertaken have liability insurance and accident insurance that covers all participants. These insurance will only have coverage during the development of the activity, not for the rest of the day or while traveling.

Minors must be companied by their parents, guardians, teachers or instructors who take care of them. If they wish to participate they will have to submit an authorization and consent for participation in the activity, in writing and duly signed by their parents or guardians.

The resulting images or videos of the activity may be used by Marc Vilaplana Climbing Guide for advertising purposes: social networking, website, brochures, posters, etc. (If you do not accept it, you must submit a signed document expressing their will).


Guiding service or training in the case of course .
Logistics and management necessary to perform the activity.
Group technical material: what the guide deem necessary for carrying out the activity.
Individual technical material: only if specified in the performed activity.



Transport to the place where the activity takes place.
Meals are not included in the price. Guides diet in shelters or accommodation outside of usual residence will be distributed among the participants.
The accommodation will run on behalf of participants, both in nearby villages where they perform activities such as mountain refuges. Accommodation costs of the guide outside the usual address will be shared among participants.
Personal material as footwear, clothing, backpack, sunscreen, sleeping bag, etc.



To reserve an activity the total amount must be paid by bank transfer or PayPal, 30 days before it takes place.



In case of cancellation by the customer, the return of the payment conditions have the following penalties:

- Between 5 and 10 days before the activity: 50% of the booking amount will be refunded.
- With less than 5 days before the activity: the total amount of the reservation will be lost.

In case of cancellation of the activity by force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions, a new date will be scheduled or a change of the place for the realization of the activity. Ultimately the total amount of the reservation will be returned. The guide will have the sole responsibility to cancel an activity for reasons of weather conditions.

The guide reserves the right to change or cancel this activity once begun, if it establishes that:
- The conditions are not right (storms, rock quality, etc).
- The development of the activity does not follow the expected rate (injuries, schedules are not met, etc).
- The ability or fitness level of the participants does not conform to the activity.

In this case there will be no refund of the amount paid.


Hiring any activity will mean that you have read and accepted these general conditions.