2014   Climbing Superior Sport Technician
2011    Climbing Monitor of the ECAM
2000  Civil Engineer
1999    Free Time Monitor

Member of the Mountain Guides Spanish Association (AEGM).

Superior Sport Technician registered at Consell Català de l'Esport, with number: REP 013385.
Officially registered in the activities:
    Entertainers o professional sport monitors, Climbing
    Superior professional trainers, Climbing

Since I was a kid I've always been in contact with nature, and it's been my environment. Family traditions take me to do the first steps in the hiking world, discovering wonderful places, learning to enjoy and respect the mountains. Still alive in my memories are the ascents around Ordesa NP and the Catalan Pyrenees during my childhood.

At the age of eighteen I did my first steps in the rock climbing world. I dedicate some year climbing traditional classic routes, with the Montsec range as my school. With the experience gained I widen my horizons and star discovering new walls: Ordesa, Puig Campana, Penyal d'Ifach, Los Mallos de Riglos, Montrebei, Terradets...

I got my Civil Engineer degree in 2000. I spent the holidays I got from this job to climb. At this point I start exploring the big possibilities of France and it's walls: Verdon, Vercors, Jonte...

In 2002 I did a whole year trip to Australia, but without climbing. After this year I realized rock climbing was my real passion. At that point I start spending as much time as I had climbing. My climbing trips became further and further, starting with Switzerland, where I discovered my favorite terrain in the amazing limestone walls of Wendenstöcke, Rätikon, Sanetsch... And from there new destinations where added: UEA, Jordan, Morocco, Dolomites, Sardinia, Corsica...

Finally I decided to become a Climbing Guide and offer all this experience in the climbing world to you.

My training started on 2011 becoming a Climbing Monitor of the High Mountain Catalan Academy (ECAM). Just after that, in 2012, I got my Climbing Sport Technician degree.

Not happy with that, I continued my training to get the highest climbing degree that we have in Spain. The spring of 2014 I finished the training becoming a Climbing Superior Sport Technician.